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Our group principal Company, Paper & Board Converters was established in 1968 as a manufacturer of paper products by Late Mr. Haresh Chandra Agarwal. His elder son Mr. Rajeev Agarwal joined the group in the year 1980 and then after the group is touching new mile stones day by day. Since then, it has never looked back and the company growth has been on rising trend. We have registered a multifold growth especially during last three decades and have achieved a remarkable status in the trade and present turnover of group is to the tune of 100 Million US Dollar. Our group companies are Agra Pulp & Papers, Garvit Enterprises, Anurag Enterprises and Shri Bhagwati Iron Foundry.

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#3, John's Mill Compound, Jeoni Mandi, Agra-282002, India

Telephone :+91 - 562 - 2622076, 2622077
Mobile :+91 - 93191 07456, 98370 49520 Rajeev Agrawal, Managing Director
+91 - 97198 09999 Anit Agrawal, CEO (Exports)
Fax :+91 - 562 - 2622077
E-mail : info@fancypaper.in

Our Vision & Belief

Our vision is to continually provide the top-quality paper product and superior customer service which we are known for and we are committed to excellence of standard in every aspect of our business ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, respect for the right of all individual and respect for environment.

We believe in systematic working procedure, eco-friendly environment, competent design team, stringent quality control system, and efficient production management system for timely deliveries, healthy and safe working conditions.

Our Quality, Our Strength

The products are made with the finest material available to suit the changing seasons and moods of time. Above all, our uncompromising corporate principle of providing quality product at competitive price and timely delivery is the underlying secret and source of our success. Our manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art technique is unmatched in the industry. We are the one of the few leading manufacturers in India of fancy gift papers.

Our Product Range

Our product range covers the Solid Tissue Paper/Crepe Paper/ Marble Paper/Non Bleeding Solid Tissue Paper/Fluorescent Board/Metallic Board/Metalized Embossed & Plain Paper/Velvet Paper/Silver Tissue/Golden Tissue/Metallic Tissue Paper/Printed Paper in single color and multicolor. We manufacture designs and colors to the requirement of our customers. We are one of the major suppliers to different organizations and departments of Government of India. We have a strong presence in domestic market through our 750+ distributors/dealers located all over India.

Research and Development

In order to come up with a commercial viable collection, we undertake research in several aspects of making and selling a design. The research ensures us that the products being made are best sellable, keeping in mind consumer's tastes, cost of production and the current international trends pertaining to color.

We continuously study our customer's changing requirements and their purchasing patterns which gives us an idea about the taste of end consumers and the price point. We also consult various foreign publications that specialize forecasting. These serve as indicators for what the international consumers like plus they also give us ideas on prospective color themes. To ensure best facility and quality to our Government, Domestic and International customers we maintain in house laboratory, as per ISO standard.

Eco-Friendly /Organic Products

What makes us unique is the wide variety of eco-friendly products we offer.

Our Key Customers:

Our products are being supplied to the leading international stores like Target, Walmart, Hassan Oedev/SAP �etc through our various exporter clients all over India.


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